About Purpose

Why Real Purpose Apparel?

I​t's Apparel that's More than Just a Brand For the Times that We Live In.

Real Purpose Apparel (TM) is cause apparel that is creating consciousness of why we exist. The RP Brand encourages a movement of what is my purpose in life awareness through purpose in life accessories and apparel where the world will become:

  • more socially responsible,

  • more consistently aware of what is the purpose of human life and that our lives matter not just to us but also to others; how we show up and interact in our world impacts others, and

  • more conscious of the need to help younger generations get a sense of the purpose of life and why it should matter to them and future generations. 

While purpose can't be found in apparel, Real Purpose Apparel designs accessories and apparel that inspires affirmation to why do I exist? You can be the change you want to see in the world. Develop a relationship with the Purpose Giver and get ready to start visioning and dreaming the impossible. Then, it's time to DO. 

RP Apparel is designed so that when we wear it or see it, it says to us:

  • Recognize Endeavors,

  • Take Actions to Win in Life,

  • Identify and Pursue,

  • Work and Walk daily,

so that we will accomplish our Real Purpose!

How RP Relates to You?

RP Apparel is created to challenge you to actualize your Real Purpose each day.

It is apparel to remind us to impact others in a positive way so that they think about their Real Purpose too. With every item you purchase, consider you will be helping our world become a better place through helping others think about if they have a real purpose.

You will be part of the Real Purpose Rock It For Him Nation and will be helping another person become inspired to think about, consider that they have a Real Purpose and it is our hope to take steps to learning more about how they can fulfill it.

So RP Rock It For Him Nation let's build the brand for the times we live in so that others can live in a manner where they will Recognize their Real Purpose, become more socially responsible and live for our Lord.