Purpose Story


REAL PURPOSE APPAREL intersects style and statement to provide inspiring  life conscious accessories and apparel to inspire brand wearers to allow their real purpose to emerge each day. Our (R)eal (P)urpose emerges out of the darkness of our lives when we Recognize, Connect, Commune, and Commit in partnerships with the (P)urpose Giver. This is why the smaller P hangs on the larger R. Red signifies the strength and power we have through our faith in Jesus Christ, purchased by his blood. White symbolizes the purity, clarity and the clean slate we are given to start life a fresh  and a new as born again believers in him who were created to discover and live in and live out a God (D)etermined and (O)rdained (DO) purpose.  Ultimately, through our relationship, and through our love, when we recognize and walk in our real purpose daily we bring glory to God, allowing Him to draw others to our Savior Jesus. Become a part of the Rocking it for Him Nation brand wearers.

Live Yours - Inspire Others

Our brand encourages, inspires and allows brand wearers to make the statement, my purpose matters, I have connected with the Purpose Giver and I intentionally seek His guidance to walk in Real Purpose and our logo says why we are being intentional to DO it!